Wednesday, May 02, 2007

[Green] Satellite Party

New York, NY May 1, 2007 – “Alternative rock originator Perry Farrell has announced that the debut offering for his groundbreaking new rock project, Satellite Party, will be released on May 29th in an entirely eco-friendly, green form. With its revolutionary digipack made exclusively out of recycled paper, the packaging is an ambitious gesture in helping to promote a healthy, sustainable environment. Additionally, the disc in which Farrell's propulsive music is featured on is carbon-neutral, with the estimated CO2 produced from its manufacture, shipping and packaging being offset by helping build renewable energy projects with NativeEnergy (

The much buzzed-about innovative and conceptual album marries Farrell's love of music with his long-dedication to the environment and has been called "Farrell's strongest body of work since "Ritual" by Rolling Stone Magazine.”

Our respect for Perry Farrell and sustainable design meet! On the same subject, Fi recommends checking out Design Can Change.

Watch the video for Wish Upon A Dog Star and shake your green booty!


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