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Get Schooled By The Intern: Hope you’re eager for some Egan.

n i c k E G A N :: IN EXCESS
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London, England didn’t know what was coming in 1958.

He graced the halls of Watford College of Art and Design and whilst in school, Egan designed for upcoming artists such as The Clash and The Ramones.
Later, he designed album artwork for Bow Wow Wow’s “See Jungle,” [pictured left] which was recently voted into the Top 100 Album Covers of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine. His clientele is impressive, having worked with Oasis, Alanis Morisette, Mick Jagger, Sonic Youth, Duran Duran, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Kylie Minogue and INXS. From the beginning, he’s worked with some of the most eccentric characters in film, fashion and rock ’n roll.

Egan’s worked closely with designer Vivienne Westwood on her “World’s End” clothing line. Invitations and art directed fashion shows in London and Paris are just a few of his contributions. He also designed the label for the first collection EVER for Marc Jacobs, called “Sketchbook.”

After living in NYC for awhile, he moved to LA where he became one of the world’s premiere music video directors. His first vid was Iggy Pop’s “Real Wild Child.” Soon after, he started collecting all sorts of awards and worked through PROPAGANDA FILMS where he chilled with fellow directors Spike Jonez, Mark Romanek, David Fincher and Michael Bay. His talent doesn’t stop there, though. He also moved on to shooting and directing commercials and innovative TV spots for: Coca Cola, Levi’s, Nike, Nintendo and Sony Play Station.

According to his MySpace, he enjoys the movie Bladerunner, the book Treasure Island, and listening to Run DMC (these are all just the highlights).

RECENT NEWS :: The latest buzz on Egan is the collection of t-shirts with a Japanese company, 2K T Shirts. 2K hosts some very cool Japanese graphic artists, as well as Yoko Ono, Jean Michell Basquait and Andy Warhol. Egan also has his own line of t-shirts with Superfine Jeans and also did a special shirt for Kate Moss. He’s expanded with a line of scarves for a label called Nickel and jacket linings for another Japanese company, Nave. Egan has also designed a website for Sir Ken Robinson, so everyone should go check it out here. Sir Ken is also the first person to commission one of Egan’s paintings. Painting is also another hobby of Egan’s, one that has always been personal, but as of late, requests have been coming for him to paint more, so get excited!

Nick Egan is married to producer, Ann Haugen, and has two sons, Roman (14), Dashiell (7) and a daughter, Ava June (3). Recently, he appeared in VH1’s “Most Shocking Celebrity Moments of the 90s.” Nice!

**Special shout-out to Mr. Egan for providing me with a plethora of great material to do my research.

Along with my research, I created this piece. It’s heavily inspired by Mr. Egan’s work. It’s an experiment with 3D (somewhat) photo collages. The panel is split into three parts: the top including women falling from the sky; finding themselves planted mid-panel alongside men. The bottom and final panel’s environment is underground. This piece is titled: Fall Into The Gap. Props to Brian Romero for his mad photography skills.

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very informative yet entertaining at the same time, i wanted to read it egan and egan and egan, haha, i know laughing at your own joke is probably a bad thing. The only bummer was that he designed the inside of jackets, why not the outside? that seems like kind of a tease, but he's still pretty cool i guess, i really like that jungle album cover! who's the next topic of conversation? or do you leave in suspense until the final moment?

June 08, 2008  
Blogger Emily said...

nice work!

June 09, 2008  
Blogger wee-fi said...

Neato sweeto!

June 10, 2008  

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