Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Healthy Obsession With Mike Giant

My upcoming trip to San Francisco is falling 4 days short of Mike Giant’s opening at White Walls and needless to say I’m disappointed. I really wanted to see how giant the Giant is, meet him and get a few words in.

Since aquiring this print several years ago I have a developed a healthy obsession with Mike Giant’s work- from graffiti to fine art.

Print by Sheperd Fairey and Mike Giant

My weekly fix comes from Giant’s blog on Fecal Face, Count Trackula. The Count chronicles his travels, graphics, tattoos, gallery installations, Rebel8 clothing line, biking adventures and fine art. The sheer amount of work he turns out is inspiring and it’s obvious that he is constantly challanging himself to innovate in every facet of his life. Despite all of the jetsetting and hot women, Giant somehow maintains a very chilled out and awe-inspired view of life. Maybe it’s the weed.

Most recently Giant has revealed a more personal and spiritual side of his work, exploring themes of kundalini energy, personal mantras, meditation and ritual sex:

Krishnamurti by Mike Giant

Pretty versatile for a dude who relies almost entirely on black ink!!!

If you drool over Mike Giant’s work as much as I do, you can own a little piece- his recent book Manifestations is on sale for $18.87 at Amazon. There is really no excuse.


Anonymous Emily said...

Sadly, I wish I could attend the opening too, even though I caught a glimpse of the man at the last 111 Minna show. Still- it means we get to go over to White Walls when you're here!

August 09, 2006  

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