Thursday, July 05, 2007

Skanky rocks The Roxy

I don’t know. I stood right next to Travis “Skanky” Smith tuesday night and he smelled pretty fresh to me. Maybe I was lucky enough to be near him after a recent shower. Regardless, The Binges rocked hard as ever, leaving me with headbangers neck. As a pleasant bonus, I was able to score a Kii-Arens-designed vinyl single of The Binges’ Hear Me Out/Rock Show (Sneaky Devil/ Sympathy For The Record Industry). When Kii isn’t being a kickass artist he is also the manager of The Binges. Awesome.

Sharing the bill were The Vacation.

Their new songs have a lot of supersexy swagger that seemed to resound with the ladies- including groupies grinding eachother in the front row. The Vacation didn’t seem interested as Ben Tegel whispered the bitch-slap of a song “shit talker” which explicitly outlines why he hates superficial Los Angelinos.

Also caught Year Long Disaster and Tokyo Smog. Every band rocked.

I like to use Brian Romero’s photos in my blog to make me look good.

- Leah


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