Thursday, April 06, 2006

El Presidente

Alex White (a.k.a. Richard Potato a.k.a. Dick Tater) was my 2D design foundations professor at Hartford Art School. Next month, he is being named the president of the Type Directors Club, which is very exciting stuff. Alex was instrumental in helping me develop my skills as a young designer and has been very supportive of Faust Haus. It's great to see him getting props, he deserves it!!!

If you are in New York City, try to make it to TDC Salon where you can hear the pros lecture about their methods, ideas and history, then mingle with them afterwards! (I should practice what I preach!)

Alex is currently a professor of graphic design at City College, FIT and Parsons in New York City. He is the designer and author of How to Spec Type, Type in Use, The Elements of Graphic Design, Thinking in Type and his newest book Advertising, Design and Typography which will be published in 2006. I would recommend his writing to any designer serious about working with letters, especially Thinking in Type which is an excellent book containing a concise history of type, fundamentals of design and philosophy of typography. You can purchase his books online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

For a taste of his writing style and sense of humor check out this letter he wrote detailing his thoughts about Herb Lubalin’s Avant Garde.

Blast from the past bonus: here is a study of the letter W that I painted in gouache for Professor White's FWS110 2D1 class in 1998, complete with grade sheet! I don't have the original assignment and can't remember what font that W is copied from. Any guesses?


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