Thursday, May 18, 2006

Brazil vs. Brasil

Is there really even a comparison?

I've been searching across the land for a coffee that can defeat the mega deliciousness of Gorilla Coffee’s Brazil roast and have yet to find a winner. Here are stats of Gorilla from Brooklyn versus the latest contender, Orpha’s in Princeton, NJ:

Gorilla 16 oz. for $9.50
Flavor :
pros: Smooth complex flavor of chocolate and dark roastiness with exquisite aftertaste.
cons: None to speak of!

Social Awareness :
Fair trade. Read about the co-operatives!

Aesthetic :
The design is as delicious as the coffee. Rockstar designer Rob Reed of 1 Trick Pony (formerly of The Chopping Block) KILLS IT with an excellent example of how to integrate a brand into every detail of a business.

Orphas 12 oz. for $11.00
Flavor :
pros: Smooth even flavor (chocolate) with little aftertaste
cons: Lacks complexity, has only one note : chocolate.

Social Awareness :
70% sustainable, Rainforest Alliance certified, Fair Trade certified, bird friendly!

Aesthetic :
What aesthetic? Oh, you mean the mangled line of type on a path? Hideous font pairing? The rank colored pencil drawing on the label?

If you haven't tried their coffees, give ’em a shot and support independant artisan roasters!!!


Blogger Eben Matthews said...

My first Coffee Brand Cage Match -

Wow! When Gorilla took out Brazil's Eye . . . That was intense!

Beautiful commentary L -

May 18, 2006  
Blogger Faust Haus said...

You don't want to fuck with the Gorilla- You see how complimentary I am and yet he still punches me in the face every single morning!

May 19, 2006  

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