Monday, April 30, 2007

Coachella 2007 candids

Cocktails for breakfast

The Family Porche


Sahara Tent

End of the night

Artist area aftermath

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!

My top 12 in no particular order:
Satellite Party
Jesus and Mary Chain
Brazilian Girls
Willie Nelson
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rage Against The Machine

Goodbye to one of the best experiences of my life! See you next year!

Visit Brian Romero's blog & flickr to see the beautiful photos he shot thanks to his all-access pass from Goldenvoice. Truly awesome!!!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Bingessssss

Mayuko Okai & Dylan Squatcho by Brian Romero

The Binges rocked last night, blew the rest of the bands out of the water. If you live in LA: next monday is the last night of their residency at King King and you should really be there!!!

P.S. If you aren’t reading Brian’s blog or checking his Flickr page, shame on you…somethins a brewin and once you see what B is coming out with, I’m pretty sure it will blow your frikken minds.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Rejects III

OCRF asked us back to commemorate their 10th year- Here is some pitch art that we rather like from this year’s Super Saturday invitation:

What they asked for: Funky & illustrated using primarily blue, red & yellow.

Our take: School House Rock/Japanese paper dolls from the 60's/Unicorns/Twister/Wonderbread

What they asked for: Collaged background with puffy fun graffiti type
Our take: Collaged with graffiti type...all sorts

The chosen design is in production and we’ll post ‘em in May!

The Binges at King King tonight!!!

We’ve been saying it for weeks (they have residence), but we’re really going to see The Binges at King King tonight. Also playing: Dirty Sweet, Sergeant, Lightning Bill, DJ Kii.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Soapbox Blog #3

Learning to accept Pixel Fonts

I used to avoid using pixel fonts altogether. I saw their function–pixel fonts load almost instantly and claim increased readability onscreen–but their jagged edges, caused by bitmaps, were fugly. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, they seemed too harsh to accompany anything other than techy postmodern design.

Miniml foundry: how is this more readable?

Recently, when asked to use a pixel font in a web gallery, I discovered some very stylish advancements. The super-pixel font maintains the same strict construction rules as the relular ol’ pixel font; each letter edge must align on the pixel to avoid blurring. The change? Refined 1/4 pixel edges add high definition clarity and sleekness that just didn't exist before in screen-based fonts. Now we can have our speed with style!

Fonts For Flash: I like my tequila 8 pt

“Fonts for Flash's super pixel fonts are made up of single pixels, but with an addition. Where they want to smooth the shape with a curve etc. they add an additional 1/4 pixel square (If you enlarged a super pixel font to 400% you'll see the 1/4 pixel as a whole pixel). The net result of that is that when rendered on a screen at the correct size the screen tries to colour the pixel accordingly, in the same way that normal fonts blur at a smaller size. FFF's super pixel fonts are just controlled blurring.” - Poab from Glasgow, Flashgroup forums

For another fresh look, peruse Orgdot, a media lab based in Oslo, Norway. “Orgdot is continuously running several self initiated research projects developing the summit and skills required for the effective realization of any project...” Including these fine specimens:

Create your own bitmap fonts with Font Lab's Bitfonter. Learn more about pixel fonts at WPDFD.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Missing the Blog!

Working on the new portfolio (about damn time) and trying to find the time to post all sorts of backlogged work.

Meanwhile, we just acquired this print (along with 4 others from Aesthetic Apparatus) for the studio:

Melvins/Juxtapoz two poster set by Aesthetic Apparatus and Burlesque of North America, both in Minneapolis.

Faust Haus