Sunday, October 08, 2006

An Honest Post: The New Tattoo

For the past few months I've been working on a design for a new tattoo. It is frustrating the hell out of me, but I am determined to finish the design by my birthday in January.

I really want the Faust Family crest on the ol’ upper arm. The crest is made up of really insane elements: a Fist (Faust means Fist!!YEAH!!), a screaming eagle, a knight's head, a crown and a shield. The way they combine has to be perfect or it will look like crap. I've seen a few executions of the crest and they all looked bad- so this is a real challenge.

In the past, I have been petrified to share my process because I like to show my best effort. How designers arrive at a final product is often a windy (too trite, too stylized, too trendy, too…boring) road, it can be tedious and private. But screw it. I'm going to show my drawings as they progress. Feedback is welcome. These drawings are still loose!

p.s. Mom- I am going to try to make it less “Ugly.”

Most recent digital sketch

The 3rd sketch

Thanks for any feedback-I’ll keep you posted.


Anonymous Emily said...

Question: Does the eagle have to be the top of the shield? I think the fist looks a little out of place when isolated as the main image. Could the bird be perched on it?

Or, maybe have the fist be more of a close-up? without the wrist and rest of the arm?

That's my 2 cents. I love that you posted it for comments!

October 08, 2006  
Blogger wee-fi said...

Oooo tattoos

I like the bird and decorative element around the shield. But there is something about the hand I'm not feeling...perhaps fingernails? Maybe it's because it is stark white right now and when your skin color is underneath it'll work.

Out of curiousity-do the colors have any significance?

October 09, 2006  
Blogger Faust Haus said...

E- yes, the eagle has to be at the top of the shield- actually i think it has to be a 2-headed screaming eagle but I'm checking into that.

Fi- The hand is the worst part- if you would believe I've already been through 10 or so drawings. Hard to make a fist look cool without making it look like propaganda. Colors are pretty flex, but most likely I’ll be keeping it black, white and red. SHOCKING!

October 09, 2006  
Anonymous Lisa Faust said...

hey leah,

lisa faust here from NJ. found your bog while searching for the family coat of arms. funny thing..i recently have decided to have the faust crest tatooed on my arm. have not done it yet..just in the beginning stages. i dont know where your research has led you but you might want to check out it is a german beer which has what i believe to be the authentic faust coat of arms on it. this coat of arms has many other objects not found in anything else on the internet. such as farm tools up top (no eagle though..but to be honest i think that's a german generic symbol)....
anyways good luck.. i'd be interested in seeing your final design and maybe one day we can meet up and compare tats...


December 14, 2006  

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