Thursday, September 28, 2006

I came to see a ROCK SHOW: JET at Irving Plaza

Alternating tunes from their new album Shine On and tracks from the acclaimed Get Born, Jet put on a serious live show- the energy and attitude was so strong it posessed the jaded hipsters and music execs and had everyone dancing, singing, clapping hands in the air and was an authentic rock show indeed.

Lead singer Nic Cester’s vox seemed strained at the beginning, but warmed up a few songs into the set. Turns out he’s got accute layringitis and had to cancel the dates in Philly to repair the damage he did by SCREAMING HIS NUTS OFF in New York.

I had no idea the younger Cester brother and drummer, Chris, contributed so much to the vocals- he has a more gravely, punk sound that really does it for me. He was an animal behind the kit- relying solely on a bass drum, snare, low tom/floor tom, cowbell and ride cymbal to create a huge noise! Long live minimalism!

Before “Stand Up” Nic informed the audience that it was one of the most classic rock songs of today. I like the song, but feel like they pulled out all of their tricks on one track…made it feel less powerful than…say…Get Me Out of Here- which is happens to be my current anthem as we prepare to head west- but I digress. Overall the new material sounds more British invasion-y than before, but inarguably Jet are maturing— creating more vocal harmonies, catchy hooks, tear-jerkers and sing-alongs than ever.

Come on Come on
Get What You Need
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Skin and Bones
Look What You’ve Done
Bring it on Back
Are You Gonna Be My Girl
That’s All Lies
Rip it Up
Cold Hard Bitch
Stand Up
Take it or Leave it
Get Me Out of Here

Shine on
Rollover DJ


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